What's New

This version of Flagme has improved search, new sign-in options, and enhanced photo features. Welcome to Flagme version 1.2

We wanted to create an app that took the smart phone seriously. These little computers that we carry in our pockets are so much more than mobile phones, social media or entertainment. The idea behind this application was sparked by assessing all of the capabilities of the average smart phone carried by the average person on a daily basis. What we have created is a new tool that provides us with the ability to not only plant our own flag in the ground but also rally our people to our call with the push of a button. Let us introduce you to Flagme.

This app allows us to use our smart phones as a handy gadget that not only makes practical day to day tasks easier but allows us to connect with our environment and each other like never before. This app excites our curiosity and imagination.

Testing this application has been a most enjoyable journey and has opened doors to unexpected use cases which we are certain you will find yourself. We are sure you will imagine new ways to use Flagme that will best suit your own lifestyle. This app comes in handy regularly from easily directing a friend to your location to saving that special place on a map to your memory and being able to share that place with someone else with the touch of a button. We promise to always provide you with the best applications of your technology and stay connected with you for the best experience possible. Expect new and exciting features in our updates.

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